How To Use Facebook Messenger To Capture Leads

By July 27, 2017Real Estate

More than 56% of Facebook users said they would like to do business with a company that does business over a messaging channel. While that seems like saying 56% of burger lovers like double cheeseburgers, Facebook has an audience of 1.97 Billion users worldwide; with 1 in 5 page views in the United States happening on Facebook. So while your official website for your real estate company is always going to be vital your Facebook page is climbing in importance to your business.

How are you capturing leads with your Facebook Business Page?

Gone are the days where you can create a Facebook Business Page as your “To-Do List” for your business. It has to be vibrant. Full of content. But most importantly, how are you getting leads from it? Your Firepoint website is designed to capture leads, but what are you doing with your Facebook Business Page? If someone finds you on Facebook, how easy is it for them to become a lead? How many clicks? On your Firepoint website they’ll have a capture form presented to them in 3 or less clicks. What about your Facebook page?

One of the ways to increase the efficacy of your Facebook page is through Facebook Messenger. More and more people are using Facebook bots to automate those conversations. Now what is that?

Facebook Bots

Your first thought is probably a robot running your Facebook page which it is not. A Facebook bot usually is an automated software that performs an automated task. In this instance we’re going to talk about automating the first engagement with your potential lead and capturing that lead. Convos CEO Nick Jensen talked about how these can help you in our last webinar. You’re not going to be online on Facebook all day, everyday, 24/7. But a facebook bot can and will. It can interact with your potential lead and engage with them providing them housing information, a quick home valuation, or some recommendations on some houses all while gathering their contact information so that when it isn’t 2:00am in the morning you can contact them personally.

Here’s how it works with Convos.

Someone starts to talk to the Facebook Messenger of your page and then you are able to program responses to each part of the conversation. The way this works for real estate is say you have a Facebook ad focused on home valuation; instead of forwarding people to your website, you’d use the Facebook Messenger bot to help them gain an evaluation for their home and gain their contact information. That information would then be sent to your Firepoint CRM.

Don’t be replaced by a bot

The temptation of any new technology is to try to automate too much. There are things technology can automate that won’t necessarily help your business. For example, you still want to reach out to your clients. You want to give that human touch to everything you’re doing or you’re not building value in yourself as a real estate agent. Too much automation can make your leads and soon to be clients feel like just a number. Make sure your bots are just a first point of contact when you yourself are unavailable for their concerns and inquiries.

Firepoint helps you keep the human touch

Real Estate will always be a relationship business. While bots and automations will continue to make real estate agents lives easier; they can never replace good customer service provided by assurances, phone calls, and negotiation that only a good real estate agent can provide. Firepoint will give you 21st century tools while still providing people classic human interaction. With call recording, quality database management, and the ability to communicate with your team to make sure no lead gets left behind, Firepoint is your system to staying up to date in the real estate tech revolution.