Firepoint is amazing! It’s a lot faster than the other system I was using and has more accountability features than any CRM out there. Now that my team is using Firepoint, we’re increasing our conversion rate on the same number of leads. I’m excited about where Firepoint is heading.Michael Perna

Firepoint has revolutionized my business. Having been on two other top systems and CRM’s, I immediately saw the value in what the Firepoint team created. What I love most is that this system was created by real estate professionals, not just web developers who thought they knew the needs of agents. Every serious agent or team owner needs to be on this system.
Bruce Hill

Firepoint was a game changer for us. Operating on multiple platforms made us inefficient. After switching to Firepoint, our productivity increased 25-50%. Now I can’t imagine running our team without Firepoint’s lead distribution rules – they are much more robust than a simple round robin approach. I believe that Firepoint is THE all-in-one solution for the real estate industry.
Saul Zenkevicius

With 6 offices/teams and 800 transactions closed in a year, we needed to automate our business and see exactly what our conversion rates and ROIs were. At one point we were using 6 different platforms, but now with Firepoint, we can see everything we need in our business in just one program.
Thom Dallman

I’ve been purchasing Pay Per Click leads for the last decade. Firepoint’s leads are by far the least expensive and highest quality I’ve ever seen. They matched my Commissions Inc. price per lead in the first month and I had a client under contract my second month after starting with Firepoint. I get more good phone numbers from Firepoint leads than any other vendor I’ve worked with. I highly recommend Firepoint for lead generation.
Ron Petzel

I chose Firepoint after conducting in-depth research on them and their competitors. The IDX website works seamlessly for our clients and we constantly receive compliments from new leads. In just two months, their transparent PPC practices gave us a consistent flow of leads that would normally take six months to realize.
Firepoint’s dedication to their clients is unmatched from our experience in the real estate industry. Our account manager is responsive and attentive, and functions as an extension of our team. As a company built by actual agents, their team understands our needs and consistently delivers on their promises.
Alex Acuff

Being the #1 producer in my market means I have to always stay on the cutting edge of technology. I paid an arm and a leg for the old systems I was using, AND I had to wait months to see any progress or new features. With Firepoint, I’m not breaking the bank, and I see improvements rolling out every week.
Damon Gettier

We run a team that produces 250+ sales per year, so we need a system that keeps us efficient, organized, and that helps us effectively communicate. With Firepoint, we love being able to assign multiple team members to a lead, including agents, loan officers, and staff, and that everyone on the team can see all communication with the lead. The feature I lean on the most though is the accountability page – If I could have one person just watch that page 24/7.. I would.
Homer & Rachael Tyre

Firepoint helped me easily transition from another system I was using and now I can manage all of my team’s leads, tasks, and past clients in one place. Our other lead sources come into Firepoint automatically so my agents never have to log into another system. Firepoint increased my company’s productivity and systematically changed the way I manage my business.
Jeffrey Chubb

I interviewed (demoed) all the major companies before selecting Firepoint in December of 2016. I had a set budget and because Firepoint had a slightly lower platform price, it allowed me to spend much more on my PPC campaign than had I gone with another, more expensive CRM. My results have been astounding. 16 days in and I have 61 leads in my CRM, all but 10 from my pay per click campaign. I have taken 1 active listing, and they will be buying. I am working with 4 oth er buyers. Out of the other 61, many others are responsive and we have made plans over the next few months to meet. People visit my site repeatedly, daily and it’s so fun to wake up each day and see who is online, opening my emails. It is work, and I follow up with text and calls like crazy but it works if you follow up. People love my search site! One of my leads that was NOT from my PPC was from someone who “shared” it with a family member on Facebook!
Angela Cutter

My background is with high producing teams and expensive lead generation systems. After recently going solo, I realized I couldn’t afford some of the bigger CRMs and looked for a more economical solution. I also wanted to work with a company that was started by people in the real estate industry and not just by “techy” people. After much research I stumbled upon Firepoint and decided to give it a try. I was prepared to “get what you pay for”, but my experience has been the exact opposite. I get a great amount of leads on a small budget, and the customer service is out of this world! I’m always able to get in touch with the company and they’re always excited to hear new suggestions. Firepoint has surpassed the level of service from any of the bigger systems I’ve used. I’m a very satisfied client!
Cassie Springer