Virtual Staging Help with BoxBrownie.com

No furniture in your soon to be listing? No problem! Join Firepoint President, Gabe Cordova, as he introduces you to BoxBrownie.com. Boxbrownie.com specializes in virtual staging, photo editing, 3D rendering, and more!

Marketing made easy with Vyral marketing

How To Stay Ahead of Your Competition Without Breaking the Bank

Join Gabe Cordova, President of Firepoint, and Eric Sachs, President and Co-Founder of BreakthroughBroker.com, as they show you how you don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands on strategies, tips, tools, and marketing material to run a professional real estate business. In fact with Breakthroughbroker.com, it’s FREE. Learn how Breakthroughbroker.com combined with your Firepoint CRM will help you stay ahead of your competition without breaking the bank!

Disrupt Your Business Before Wall Street Does With My Rocket Listing

My Rocket Listing is a program built for Realtors who want to prevent Wall Street from removing agents in the home selling process. With companies like offer pad, open door and now Zillow’s instant offer having major success we as agents must adapt. My Rocket Listing allows local agents the opportunity to compete for this new way of selling real estate and get in front of potential sellers before Wall Street supported companies or realtors that are only offering traditional listings.

Conquer New Roads On The Way To Real Estate Success

The road to success in real estate is usually on the road less traveled. It’s vital that you and your team find a way to pave a new road to success. In this webinar, join Firepoint President Gabe Cordova and Erik Hatch as they teach you how to create new benchmarks of success. Real Estate Coach Erik Hatch’s methods have made his team the #67 real estate team in the country. Their experience and success with their teams and knowledge in lead conversion can be yours.

Skyrocket Conversion- What You Need To Know About Google Ads

Join Gabe Cordova, representatives from Google and broker and team lead Damon Gettier to learn how to process and convert PPC leads from start to finish with their proven strategies and processes. You’ll see real time examples from within Damon’s account. We’re talking from the good to the bad, from the converted to missed opportunities. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Firepoint + Revaluate: Prioritizing Hot Leads That Are Most Likely To Move

Join Chris Tamm, Founder and Chairman of Firepoint, CEO Chris Drayer of Revaluate, and Brian Burds as they show how Revaluate and Firepoint can help you focus on hot leads that are most likely to move!

Rokrbox Webinar

Join Gabe Cordova of Firepoint and Josh Cunningham of Rokrbox as they show how you can identify serious buyers and sellers from your internet leads using the Rokrbox and Firepoint systems.

Generating Leads with Facebook Messenger

Join Firepoint Founder and Chairman Chris Tamm and Convos CEO Nick Jensen as they teach you about cutting-edge lead generation techniques. Explore how you can use Facebook Messenger to create and engage leads that can then flow automatically into your Firepoint account.

How To Quadruple Your Closings

Quadruple your closings with better lead management systems, processes, and people!

Calling Your Leads: What should I say?

You have leads in your database, now what? You know you need to make those calls but how do you script that call? What do you say? Beverly Ruffner joins us to demonstrate the Firepoint Dialer and how to take your Dialer calls to a new level!

Reporting and Tracking: How Do I Know If I’m Getting Good ROI?

Don’t just learn about how to track Return on Investment (ROI) but what it should be. Lars Hedenborg CEO of High Performance Real Estate Advisors and the founder of Real Estate B School joins us to teach us about how to have great ROI and reporting.

Firepoint + BombBomb: How To Make Amazing Videos And Not Be Scared

Making videos doesn’t have to be scary. Join us while we talk with Jason Sheffield, Director of Education and Training at BombBomb, how to get over our fears of getting in front of the camera and increase email open rates.

Database Enhancement: How To Organize Your Leads Using Tags

There’s more to your database than names and numbers. Learn how tags can help you organize your leads and increase your lead conversions! We will show you how to create tags, what tags to use, and how it will enhance your database so you can make more money.

Prioritizing Follow Up: No Lead Left Behind with Beverly Ruffner

As a real estate agent, you have invested a lot of money in your lead generation efforts. Learn how to create quality systems in your business to assure that no lead in your database is left behind.

Lead Management: How to Maximize Your Database with Beverly Ruffner

The real estate industry is getting technological and so should you! We meet with Beverly Ruffner who will demonstrate to you how to maximize your leads database using the Firepoint system. Enjoy!