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Accelerate your growth with the platform that was built by top real estate agents and fuels the most successful real estate teams in the country.

Looking for the secrets of the nation's top real estate teams? Here's how they do it...

It All Starts with Filling Your Team's Pipeline with Leads

  • Firepoint clients see on average a 32% higher lead conversion rate at a 79% lower cost per lead
  • Your entire PPC campaign is setup and managed by Google certified experts – all you have to do is pick the area and the budget
  • Your IDX website is optimized to convert visitors to leads to fill your pipeline
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Never Watch Another Lead Go Cold Again

  • All fully automated, you can choose simple round robin rules or customize new rules based on lead type, agents, timing, and more
  • Maximize your investment with “Lead Ripaway” that allows you to automate the system to pull any lead back from an unresponsive agent and pass it on to the next in line
  • Add leads to multiple team members, like ISAs or loan officers to offer a comprehensive client experience
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Simplify Your Team Communication

  • Direct message your team within Firepoint for one easy line of communication
  • Each team member can choose how they get notified of direct messages through email and/or text message
  • Every message is logged with the associated lead or task for intuitive follow up and a complete picture of how leads are managed
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Get Full Accountability and Coaching Opportunities with One Click

  • Your accountability board provides real-time updates of all team activity, including emails, recorded calls, and tasks
  • Filter results by date to drill into the exact timeline you need to find historical tendencies or new trends resulting from your coaching
  • Team meetings and 1-on-1s are direct and effective with everyone working from one source of truth
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Throw Out the Spreadsheets - Measure, Manage, and Move Forward

  • Review beautiful reports that help you translate your business results into informed decisions for growth
  • Drill into where your money is spent and how it’s performing with true ROI reporting
  • See your cash conversion cycle per lead source to develop an efficient and consistent pipeline for your team
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