Finally, a lead conversion tool that ensures you won’t lose another lead.

And with the Early Bird (shark tank) feature, your speed to lead just leveled up!

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On top of a million other to-dos, it’s hard to easily keep track of and nurture existing leads, while simultaneously pursuing (and converting) new ones.

Lead Ponds makes agents and team leads more efficient, agile, accountable and generally more in control of their business. How? We’re glad you asked.


Early Bird (shark tank) = Speedier speed to lead

We believe a little healthy competition is good for business. Lead Ponds gives team leads a chance to group unassigned leads. But wait, there’s more. With the Early Bird feature, valuable leads from Zillow, and others go into a pond where all agents get notified at the same time. Yep, that means every lead is first come, first serve. So not only does it give agents more opportunities to go after leads, it ensures you don’t lose another piece of business.

Centralizes unassigned leads

We’ve all been there. You’re working 10 leads at the same time, another one comes in, but you just don’t have the capacity to nurture it. So it goes unanswered, and eventually, it’s gone. Remember that thing about healthy competition? Well, Lead Ponds groups cold leads so agents can pop into the pond whenever they can and either revive a lead or see who can still be dripped on to keep some contact and familiarity.

Improves accountability

It’s tough to know why one agent might be outperforming another. With Lead Ponds, you get insight into who’s pulling leads from which ponds and how they’re nurturing them, so you better understand who might need some coaching.