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What is Realtor Follow Up?

What is realtor follow up, you ask? Well, it’s what your closing rate is going to be built on. Ever hear that saying by Wayne Gretsky (or Michael Scott)? It goes — “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” The same is true for following up with your real estate leads. You’ll miss out on closing deals that you don’t go after. Here we’ve outlined everything you need to know to make the most out of your real estate follow up. Dazzle your leads with that service mindset, get in touch quickly and we’ll help you master the rest.

Why Follow Up?

Real estate is still a service industry, regardless of how much has been automated due to advanced technology. Yes, you should use software to help you accomplish more with less effort, but agents still need to develop a rapport with their leads and that happens when agents successfully follow up.

Buying a home is potentially the biggest investment your leads will make. Deciding on something like that doesn’t happen overnight. Likewise, most buyers won’t trust just anyone with handling their buying process. Following up with your leads makes it clear you are there to help them find the perfect home.

Best Practices

The number one best practice when following up with real estate leads is — speed to lead! Don’t wait another second. Studies have shown that 70% of buyers will work with the first real estate agent they talk to. So get on the phone and call the leads who are thinking about real estate.

How will you know when your leads are thinking about real estate? With a CRM, you have insight into lead activity on your site, how and when they’re interacting with your listings. You’ll want to be persistent with your leads. Don’t be shy! Just make sure you’re providing your leads with the value and information they need to continue on their buyer’s journey.


So where and how do you start reaching out to follow up with leads? With the mass of communication platforms, it can seem like a puzzle to choose the right one at the right time. Just remember, not all communication methods are created equal, but each has their purpose for continuing to establish a connection with online leads.

Getting your lead on the phone will be the quickest and most effective way to establish strong rapport. Think about it. When you hear someone’s voice in real time you get a true sense of them and for their intentions. Really speaking with leads will enable you to get across how you can help them find the right home.

However, you don’t always have a phone number right away. Many leads who aren’t yet at the right place in their buyer’s journey to talk to an agent on the phone will provide an email address only. If you don’t have a valid phone number, then use the email to send a video email. Video emails are more likely to be opened and you can still get that personal touch across to your audience.

Necessary Tools

You’ll need the right tools to organize your follow up and to connect more effectively. A CRM offers you the insight you need to better understand where your leads are at in their unique buyer’s journey, which will enable you to provide them with better service and close more deals.

A CRM allows you to see how your leads are interacting with the listings on your site and gives you the contact information you need in order to follow up ASAP (remember — speed to lead)!

With the proper tools, you can configure follow-up campaigns that remind you when to reach out to leads. You can set up different follow up campaigns for different types of leads, such as PPC, then get notified instantly when they raise their hands asking for more information.

Mastering the art and the tactics of realtor follow up isn’t hard, but you need the right information and tools make the most of your efforts.