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Get $500 for every referral that signs up

Just like your business, ours thrives on referrals.  If you’d like to share the power of Firepoint with other agents, we want to reward you and give them a special offer of 50% off the setup fee.

Referring is easy…

  • Complete this simple referral form
  • Give your referral a heads up that we’ll be reaching out with a special offer
  • Get $500 for each referral when they become a client

Enter your referral for the opportunity to earn $500!

How The Referral Program Works

Firepoint will award a Referral Fee of $500.00 to a referring person (“Referor”) who refers a customer to Firepoint when that customer enrolls in an eligible product.
Referral Fees will be paid on or immediately after the Eligibility Date. The Eligibility Date is 90 days after the Contract Date. The Contract Date is the date that the Referee returns a signed agreement to enroll in an eligible product.

Firepoint will award the Referral Fee for Referrals that meet all eligibility criteria as of the Eligibility Date. Failure to adhere to eligibility criteria may delay or disqualify eligibility to receive a Referral Fee.

The criteria for the referred customer (“Referee”) are as follows:
1. Eligible Product – Referee must enroll in at least one eligible product and remain enrolled in at least one eligible
product between the Contract Date and Eligibility Date. Unless specifically stated, eligible products exclude promotional, limited release, giveaways, or otherwise discounted products.
2. Signed Agreement – Referee must sign agreement to enroll in an eligible product and pay all assessed fees upon signup. Customer must be in full compliance with the signed agreement as of the Eligibility Date, including payment obligations and other responsibilities of the client.

Criteria for referring person (“Referor”) are as follows:
1. Program Acknowledgement – Referor must complete a Referral Program Acknowledgement and provide IRS form W-9 in order to receive payment of Referral Fee. Firepoint will provide documents at the Eligibility Date.
2. Current Customer – If Referor is a member or administrator of a current customer of Firepoint, that account must be current in all payments with no outstanding balance owed to Firepoint as of the Eligibility Date.

1. Referor cannot be the contract holder or account owner for the referred customer. Firepoint reserves the right to deny a Referral Fee when circumstances indicate the Referror has referred him- or herself.
2. Unless otherwise specified, eligible products exclude promotional products, giveaways, or discounted services.
3. Referee must be a first-time customer of Firepoint. Returning customers are not eligible as Referees. Firepoint reserves the right to modify this restriction based on written request and authorization.
4. The Referral must represent the Referee’s first contact with Firepoint.
5. Referral fees can not be combined with other business partnerships, joint ventures, co-marketing, or similar agreements. Such agreements will exempt the party from eligibility as a Referor.
6. Firepoint reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Firepoint reserves the right to deny Referral Fees or disqualify program participants at its discretion. Firepoint reserves the right to deny Referral Fee payments based on evidence of fraud or abuse by a program participant. Any request or appeal for modification or exception to this policy must be submitted to Firepoint in writing and must include detailed information for review by Firepoint. Firepoint retains the right of final judgment on written requests, and on administration of the program and its related elements. Referral Fee recipients are responsible for all applicable taxes and fees related to receipt of Referral Fee payments.